When I was younger I went through a lot of moving around and instability with this comes with new everything every time and a since of feeling out of place. The instability lead into depression as i got older but i found that it is important to always think positively. Optimism is a word I would use to put a logo on my life, remaining positive is more important than any other thing in life.it all started when I began to be alone more often that I realized that at the end of the day the thing that someone will always have is themselves. Self love is the best love because the more you know your self and get comfortable in your own skin the more comfortable you will be around others. After I was attentive to this fact I began to notice that the happier i was the better things went in reality. This is when optimism comes in place of being superior because what happens in the next two minutes is all determined by the present. If you are happy and think of only good outcomes and positivist then there is greater possibility that the things that happen in the next two minutes will be positive also. so if you think positively 24 hours a day 7 days a week good things will be prone to happening. This can also be referenced to religion  because a lot of people turn to religion because of depression and it seems like they are alone so the higher power is one they can talk to when alone. Optimism is not only a word that I live by but is usually what I encourage my friends to  take part in.