Who is Bryan Dunn?

My name is Bryan but most call me B. I am from plant city Florida but has always loved to travel so I have been around. I played football and basketball in high school while maintaining 4.6 GPA. At one point of my life I was homeless in California so the inspiration Florida has shown me has molded my life into one full ambition. I’m the one to look at the glass half full because life is much more enjoyable when the bright side is the only side. Some of my more unexpected hobbies would be playing the drums and music production. I have been playing whole set since I was a bout 6 or 7, I played for my church piano was just introduced to me bout year go. Music is vital to my existence. With my family origin being from baton rouge music is something that everyone invest time in, from the old songs my grandma played to the electric slide going on at family cook outs.

My family has always been into property with documents and property held from slave times and my dad having real estate company. With that being said I am in school now to eventually be contractor, business excites me but what holds more of my interest are structures. To sit and look at a building and the landscaping around it is beautiful sight to see but beauty is in the eye of the bolder so I want my idea of beauty to be exposed through my work. Though my thoughts on things seem to be little different it is normal to be this way in today’s world.So the company Ii keep round me is very diverse set of friends with a lot of positive energy . this says a lot bout my personality, usually smiling and open to help before A ask for help slow to spell quick to listen.