Feelings on Romeo and Juliet the graphic novel

The book is a classic I like the humorous side of it but by far the pictures are the icing on the cake with this book. the amount of Romeo and Juliet stories I have seen and heard all amount to the same plot. The characters are in love with each other but there family is against the too being together. The royal families that Romeo and Juliet are apart of are not fond of each other. But in this particular novel it was a much softer side the story as a whole Romeo and Juliet is a classical story and the way that Gareth Hinds goes about projecting the story in his light is more appealing. It appeals to those of a younger audience but there is also a feel for someone my age to read this novel also. I say this because of the presentation of diction the author uses also followed by imagery is displayed literally in this book. It is convenient to have an image of the words on the page because imagery is now turned into a reality that can physically be seen.

As I have said before, the novel Romeo and Juliet is a novel that I read multiple times before but the version by Gareth Hinds  is seen in a illuminated light above the rest only because of the pictures. The story itself is soothing because I have heard it multiple times but the pictures add a visual aspect that reaches beyond your imagination, literally. The author made a good point with how the use of pictures can add much more to the use of text. this is why movies and music videos are relevant. Pictures bring words to life in a way that by passes the use of imagery going straight into visualization.




When I was younger I went through a lot of moving around and instability with this comes with new everything every time and a since of feeling out of place. The instability lead into depression as i got older but i found that it is important to always think positively. Optimism is a word I would use to put a logo on my life, remaining positive is more important than any other thing in life.it all started when I began to be alone more often that I realized that at the end of the day the thing that someone will always have is themselves. Self love is the best love because the more you know your self and get comfortable in your own skin the more comfortable you will be around others. After I was attentive to this fact I began to notice that the happier i was the better things went in reality. This is when optimism comes in place of being superior because what happens in the next two minutes is all determined by the present. If you are happy and think of only good outcomes and positivist then there is greater possibility that the things that happen in the next two minutes will be positive also. so if you think positively 24 hours a day 7 days a week good things will be prone to happening. This can also be referenced to religion  because a lot of people turn to religion because of depression and it seems like they are alone so the higher power is one they can talk to when alone. Optimism is not only a word that I live by but is usually what I encourage my friends to  take part in.

Who is Bryan Dunn?

My name is Bryan but most call me B. I am from plant city Florida but has always loved to travel so I have been around. I played football and basketball in high school while maintaining 4.6 GPA. At one point of my life I was homeless in California so the inspiration Florida has shown me has molded my life into one full ambition. I’m the one to look at the glass half full because life is much more enjoyable when the bright side is the only side. Some of my more unexpected hobbies would be playing the drums and music production. I have been playing whole set since I was a bout 6 or 7, I played for my church piano was just introduced to me bout year go. Music is vital to my existence. With my family origin being from baton rouge music is something that everyone invest time in, from the old songs my grandma played to the electric slide going on at family cook outs.

My family has always been into property with documents and property held from slave times and my dad having real estate company. With that being said I am in school now to eventually be contractor, business excites me but what holds more of my interest are structures. To sit and look at a building and the landscaping around it is beautiful sight to see but beauty is in the eye of the bolder so I want my idea of beauty to be exposed through my work. Though my thoughts on things seem to be little different it is normal to be this way in today’s world.So the company Ii keep round me is very diverse set of friends with a lot of positive energy . this says a lot bout my personality, usually smiling and open to help before A ask for help slow to spell quick to listen.