Philosophy of B

My up-bringing exemplified the importance of life and all of its elements. Those of which include family, happiness, and the ultimate feeling of self efficacy especially in the midst of  a difficult moment. These are values that are everlasting in that they will matter until the end of existence. Every day when I wake up, I have a choice of what I want to do with my life. This choice is not limited to just me. It’s also a choice that belongs to you. Many times we are blinded by what we feel that we can’t accomplish, we forget that we have the choice to prevail against all odds  and that’s what a lot people fail to realize. Due to previous bondages that they have experienced in life they do not move forward and progress as a person should today in twenty sixteen.

Technology is advancing and the future of todays day and age are all college teens who are wilding and diving straight into life as business men all on a mission to strive. The reason we strive is because of these things that mean so much to us, family is one thing that is eternal. I say this because they are the ones who are there for you even when you can’t be there for yourself. Though family is a term of blood relation those people who you have built a relationship with through out the journey of life that we are on are also significant as a family figure would be. “Life without happiness is a life not worth living,” would be one of the most harsh ways to put what I mean when I say happiness is a necessity when it comes to existence. But it is very true, being happy is something that I personally live for because the more positive you are the more contestant your life is. You begin to elevate and reach significant peaks in life showing how happiness takes you places if you let it. One thing that is important is a humble spirit if you are any where near self efficacy there won’t be any reason for you to boast or brag because your goals task and challenges are all in line will the person you are and your confidence is intact.