What is my favorite movie?

The 1995 movie kids by Von Larry Clark is a pretty hard core teenager movie but the reason i like it is because it tales a very valuable lesson. I would label this movie as a must see. with that being said, there is a time and a place for everything which is what the film is all about. the setting is a Brooklyn New York setting and the main character’s name is Tally. the teenager has a best friend and they both have very bad habits for such typical teens in 1995 New York. The movie starts out showing how Tally was has sexual intercourse with unprotected with multiple virgins and how a sub character and her group of girlfriends share there experiences. Which the sub character has only had one sexual encounter and that was with Tally. it would be spoiler to reveal the secrets of the movie. the thing that made this movie seem at least the slightest of interesting is because as a teenager watching a movie where the main character and his friends are also teenagers you should find it interesting in my opinion.

Von Larry Clark did a great job in not only coming up with a great production such as kids, but also telling a great story and teaching a great lesson. The title is very understanding because once you see the movie you can understand why the title should be read very nonchalantly. as in sayin “oh kids, aren’t the just the best.” It sound very sarcastic but that is the point and it is clear to say that kids is a classic. itr is available on youtube for free.