Feelings on Romeo and Juliet the graphic novel

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The book is a classic I like the humorous side of it but by far the pictures are the icing on the cake with this book. the amount of Romeo and Juliet stories I have seen and heard all amount to the same plot. The characters are in love with each other but there family is against the too being together. The royal families that Romeo and Juliet are apart of are not fond of each other. But in this particular novel it was a much softer side the story as a whole Romeo and Juliet is a classical story and the way that Gareth Hinds goes about projecting the story in his light is more appealing. It appeals to those of a younger audience but there is also a feel for someone my age to read this novel also. I say this because of the presentation of diction the author uses also followed by imagery is displayed literally in this book. It is convenient to have an image of the words on the page because imagery is now turned into a reality that can physically be seen.

As I have said before, the novel Romeo and Juliet is a novel that I read multiple times before but the version by Gareth Hinds  is seen in a illuminated light above the rest only because of the pictures. The story itself is soothing because I have heard it multiple times but the pictures add a visual aspect that reaches beyond your imagination, literally. The author made a good point with how the use of pictures can add much more to the use of text. this is why movies and music videos are relevant. Pictures bring words to life in a way that by passes the use of imagery going straight into visualization.



2 thoughts on “Feelings on Romeo and Juliet the graphic novel”

  1. I can agree with you that the drawings for the classic story match very well and give a very plausible rendition of the actions in the story. While the text and art does seem childish or for a younger audience, it does succeed in adapting the play into a comic style book. Props to you and Gareth Hinds.


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